Podophyllum peltatum


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A botanical curiosity

Podophyllum peltatum, commonly known as Mayapple, is a rhizomatous perennial native to eastern North America (from northern Florida to Quebec) and is found in woodland and under trees in damp, humus-rich soils.

Podophyllum peltatum is a sturdy plant with deeply-indented, umbrella-like leaves and forms circular colonies which can be used to naturalise a damp woodland or shady garden.

In April - May the solitary white to pale pink flowers appear from the leaf axils and are followed by green fruit which ripens to yellow.

Grow in moist to damp humus-rich sol in the shade or partial shade. The plant enters into summer dormancy.

Native Americans use this plant for medicinal purposes, but as it is toxic it should be handled with care.

The photograph shows Podophyllum peltatum in its natural habitat.

Photo credit: Wikipedia, Le Clos d'Armoise

- 0,5L pot

- Hardiness zones : zone 6-10
- Height: 10 to 30cm
- Plant spacing: 40 cm

- Flower colour: cream
- Flowering period: spring flowers
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