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Yellow Catmint

Nepeta govaniana is a very particular perennial, native to the western Himalayas, from Pakistan to north-west India (Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, at altitudes of 2300 m - 3300 m). It is an excellent addition to an ornamental garden.

A brief presentation:

- Deciduous but fast growing, the plant forms an erect, branched clump from the end of spring, between 50 cm and one metre in height including the floral spikes.

- Nepeta govaniana will flower non-stop from early July and until October, as long as you regularly remove the dried floral stems.

- Its flowers, characteristic of plants belonging to the Lamiaceae or mint family, have a lower lip nearly three centimetres long and are a soft light yellow colour; more like the flowers of a Salvia than a Nepeta;

- and another plus... gently crushing its soft, hairy leaves gives off a strong scent of mint. Nepeta govaniana is nectar-producing and readily attracts bumble bees, butterflies and humming-bird moths.

Where is best to plant it and how to use it?

In the middle or back of a mixed-border, we like to plant yellow catmint en masse or with other summer flowering perennials for beautiful fresh-butter / grey-blue: combinations:

- Achillea 'Credo', Salvia 'Sungold', Achillea 'Moonshine', Alcea rugosa, Anthemis 'Sauce Hollandaise', Baptisia 'Carolina Moonlight', Cephalaria alpina, Helianthus, Patrinia scabiosifolia, Phlomis russeliana

- At the front of a bed: Alchemilla mollis, Nepeta 'Summer Magic', Salvia officinalis 'Icterina', Nepeta faassinii 'Walker's Low', Coreopis 'Crème Brûlée', Iris 'Butter Sugar'.

- Grasses: Deschampsia, Chasmanthium latifolium...

Grow in sun (not scorching) or partial shade in ordinary, acid to neutral soil, well-drained in winter. Avoid heavy, clay soils which are wet in winter.

Maintenance: - prune the dried floral spikes to encourage the growth of new flowers, - in autumn, cut the plant back after flowering, - mulch with rough compost at the end of winter, - water occasionally in summer to support the flowers.

Synonyms: Dracocephalum govaniana, Glechoma govaniana

- 12 cm pot

Semis direct en pleine terre- Hardiness zones : zone 7-10
- Height: 70 to 100cm
- Plant spacing: 60 cm

- Flower colour: cream
- Flowering period: summer flowers
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