Since its establishment an important aspect of the Royal Horticultural Society’s work has been to carry out trials to find the best cultivars which are then recognised by an AGM (Award of Garden Merit).

Helping gardeners choose the best !

There are well over 100,000 ornamental plants, but only 7000 plants (ornamentals and other categories) have obtained a Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit. The primary purpose of the AGM is to help gardeners choose good plants.

The AGM is an indication that the plant is recommended by the RHS following rigorous trials undertaken in the RHS’s gardens, most often at Wisley and after ratification by the relevant Plant Committee. A wide range of plants has thus been examined closely by the RHS’s forums of experts: trees, shrubs, annuals, biennials, perennials, ferns, vegetables, etc.

The Royal Horticultural Society's main garden

The Royal Horticultural Society’s main garden is at Wisley, Surrey, England.

Award of Garden Merit – AGM

The AGM provides practical help for the amateur gardener as it shows that a plant meets well-defined criteria, that it:

  • provides the best all-round garden value;
  • is available;
  • is of good constitution;
  • does not require particular skill or care to grow;
  • must be reasonably resistant to pests and diseases;
  • and must be essentially stable in form and colour.

Any plant that meets these criteria can be submitted for trials.

However big a plant is, from a gigantic Sequoidendron giganteum to a dwarf Cornus canadensis, however hardy, from the toughest to the most sensitive greenhouse specimen, or whatever its use, whether ornamental, vegetable or fruit, the aim of the AGM is always the same, to recommend the best plants available to amateur gardeners.

At brittanyperennials.uk we always indicate which plants have the AGM seal of approval.

In both the nursery and on our web-site we have for years included the AGM logo where applicable as we think providing this information is an important part of our business.

Each plant is regularly checked and reviewed and the results are updated in the Royal Horticultural Society’s database.

You can easily identify the Award of Garden Merit logo (cup symbol) on the plant’s fact sheet or by browsing The Right Plant in the Right Place section


Example: Perennials for good garden soil which have been given RHS Awards of Garden Merit.

For us as producers the AGM is also a selection criterion when choosing which perennials and grasses to include in our catalogue.

So it remains for us to invite you to discover the wealth of our precious collection of botanical plants.

Enjoy surfing through our site.