Hello gardener friends!

My name is Philippe Le Goff. Since 1995 I have been living near the Gulf of Morbihan and I love plants and gardening. My plan to live the good life involves creating a working environment that can sustain my interest in perennial plants.

Although I’m your main point of contact for online technical and sales enquiries, other people work with me at the perennial plant nursery.

We are a small, but very dynamic and committed team who love working hard to produce good results.

A perennial plant nursery

The Le Clos d’Armoise Nursery was established in 1997 and in the autumn of 2002 we set up our mail order service. Our French language web-site vivaces.fr has been developing over the years. It has become an integral working part of our perennial plant nursery. The love of gardens has no borders. Over the years our customer base has become more cosmopolitan with English, Belgian, German, Italian, Spanish and, of course, French visitors.

A view of the nursery

A view of the nursery

A view of the nursery

A view of the nurseryA view of the nursery

This is why we’ve decided to open up to “a Europe of Gardens” by publishing a multilingual, simplified version of our catalogue at: www.brittanyperennials.uk, www.perenni.it, www.france-stauden.de !

To access and enjoy the whole range of our editorial content, please browse through our French language site at vivaces.fr

How we produce in your perennial plant nursery

All our plants are grown outside according to the following cultivation cycle

* Winter

It’s time to rest and think. During the winter we concentrate on desk work to prepare our next collection of plants and we decide what we are going to grow. And if a ray of sunshine peeks through the wintry grey? We make the best of it by giving the perennial plant nursery and the garden a thorough clean.

* Spring

the growing season when our entire collection is brought back to life by nurturing seedlings, taking cuttings and dividing plants. Then comes re-potting in May, June and July.

* Summer – Autumn :

We nurture our plants by regularly pruning and keeping them free from weeds.

In our mixes, you will find a slow-release fertilizer that provides fertilization over a period of 12-14 months. They are also enriched with certified organic compost and supplemented according to the plants’ specific requirements, such as loamy soil, lime, ericaceous compost or drainage matter (perlite, pozzolan).

We do not use liquid fertilizers, which promote artificial plant growth. We water our plants by hand and according to their needs. No need to say that we water them as little as possible! And the results are good. Our plants are more disease-resistant, richer in dry matter and ready for cultivation.

At the nursery we use no synthetic chemicals to protect our plants. We do, however, use biological control against the black vine weevil (Otiorhynchus sulcatus) larva, by adding parasitic nematodes to the growing medium.

A botanical collection

The plant kingdom is huge. We only choose plants that are particularly attractive or which have shown their mettle in the nursery’s garden of mother plants or the customer gardens we visit regularly. Hundreds of species are cultivated each year with sometimes only a few specimens of each.

As we love all these plants, our botanical collection has become rich and varied. We have the essential perennials along with cottage garden varieties and botanical gems for alpine greenhouses.

Mail order and delivery

All the plants shown in our online catalogue are available at the perennial plant nursery or by mail order.

We dispatch every week of the year to the United Kingdom, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland.

You will find further information on the page about our perennial plant mail order service.

Visiting the nursery

The nursery is open on Wednesday and Saturday – from 14h to 18h. The nursery is closed in June, July and August.

Visits can be arranged by appointment at any other time.

Pépinière le Clos d’Armoise Moustoir Lorho | 56450 THEIX | FRANCE Tél : +33 (0)297436255

We are surrounded by beautiful nature, where we produce healthy plants, concentrating on quality rather than quantity. We have an exceptional environment in which we enjoying work together on a human scale.

Our nursery has built up a reputation for the quality of our plants and services. Our gardening customers also appreciate our approach to our work.

These values are essential to us. Because it’s together that we can make great gardens!

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