Rhodiola rosea 

Rhodiola rosea


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Container: 7cm pot

Flowering period: summer flowers

Hardiness zone: zone 8-10

Height: 10 to 30cm

Plant spacing: 30 cm


King's Crown, golden root or roseroot

Although Rhodiola rosea has become the cover girl for health magazines for her adaptogenic virtues - the Vikings took her to give them courage - she remains an adorable succulent for a dry rockery.

Native to coastal cliffs and rocky uplands in the northern hemisphere, Rhodiola rosea forms clumps of upright blue-green stems with oval, fleshy, scale-like leaves.

Terminal flowering of little yellow stars. Although Rhodiola rosea is considered to be slow-growing she is exceptionally long-lived.

In the garden we plant her in a rockery or similar situation (walls, paving, trough, scree, crevice or pot) together with other sun-loving, water-retaining varieties: Sedum, Sempervivum, Stipa, Sisyrinchium.

Grow in the sun in light, gravelly soil.

Too much moisture in winter can cause the base of the plant to rot. Very hardy.

Cultivation and Propagation
Soil type:light, sandy soils, hot dry areas
Culture advice:Planting soil composed: 1/3 coarse sand, 1/3 garden soil, 1/3 horticultural compost, Mulching the crown of the plant with a gravel, Well-drained soil with coarse sand, Neutral to alkaline soil, Keep dry during the winter
Aspect:full sun
Special maintenance:Winter protection, Watch out for natural planting
Multiplication Tips:Sowing in autumn
Garden tips:
Garden value:for expert gardeners, attractive foliage, drought tolerant, botanical curiosities
Garden style:seaside garden, rock garden
Landscape interest:alpine rockery, pot and container, rockery, alpine house
Position:edge of the path, paving

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