List of plants by genus Chrysanthemum


A last flowering of the season to cock a snook at winter...

Perennial chrysanthemums are native to China and Japan. Rustic and easy to grow, garden chrysanthemums give the gardener late-flowering blooms of exceptional quality in a wide variety of shapes and colours.

In a mixed border they go well with tall perennials and grasses. Planted together, they create beautiful compositions of shimmering autumn colours.

And they are so free-flowering that there are always enough blooms to cut a bouquet for indoors.

Easy to grow.

Garden chrysanthemums are undemanding and grow in the sun, in ordinary soil that should be well drained in the winter. The few things you need to do to take care of them are:

- anti-slug treatment when the plants emerge from winter dormancy;

- cut back to half (30 cm) at the end of May. That's a good time to take cuttings!

- divide the clumps every three years.

Illustration : Chrysanthemum indicum L. var. hort. Transactions of the royal horticultural society of London, vol. 6: t. 4 (1826) [W. Clark]

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