Blue-flowering perennials.

Sky and Sea

Blue is synonymous with peace, serenity, infinity and travel. It is a cold colour and one of the three primary colours with red and green.

Rarely found in nature, but popular in gardens, blue-flowering perennials give depth to a border and are enhanced by soft light.

Blue-flowering perennials are particularly useful in small gardens as they push back the walls to give an illusion of space. We like to plant them at the back of a mixed border.

Combining them with other plants is child's play as blue goes with nearly everything.

If the flowers have a grey or metallic sheen we plant them with silver foliage perennials (Artemisia) or with other lighter-coloured flowering plants (white, beige, light pink). Conversely, if the flowers are tinged with red, we match them with darker, warmer colours (brown, red), purples and violets.

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