Garden inspiration: pink and violet

Garden inspiration: pink and violet

Violet is a cold colour, synonymous with elegance and refinement. Violet can be associated with soft, feminine pink as both these shades contain the primary colour red.

Pink = red + white. Violet = red + blue.

We can add a third colour: grey ! A mix of black and white, grey goes well with pink.

Pink = red + white. Grey = white + black.

Our inspiration today includes pink and bluish violet perennials and the Eragrostis trichodes grass for its sumptuous gauzy pink purple inflorescences.

All the plants selected are suitable for sunny beds with good garden soil. You will need a space 4m x 3m.

Flowering starts in June and continues until the autumn with the asters and Echinacea.

You can make the contrasts more marked by associating different flower shapes: marguerite (Echinacea), umbels (Achillea), ears (Agastache, Stackys) and by introducing, sparingly, a hint of chartreuse green (Achillea 'Credo', Achillea 'Taygetea').

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