List of perennials - Our 2018-2019 collection!

We have been producing and propagating perennials since 1997 and every year we renew our entire list of perennials available in the nursery or by mail order, all the while maintaining our botanical collection.

A list of perennial plants produced according to an annual growing cycle

All the plants on this list come from a single growing year in which each species, each variety is propagated according to the method that best suits the species, by sowing, cutting or dividing, then is repotted during the summer, in a new substrate for outdoor cultivation. We believe that this is the best solution to offer you healthy and vigorous plants.

In this list of plants, some perennials are subject to patent or variety protection. In this case, we are particularly scrupulous and respect the work of the breeders by buying young plants and paying for any licences or related royalties! They are, of course, cultivated by us.

Perennials list and botanical collection

Every year, dozens and dozens of species are thus multiplied and cultivated. Some of the perennials in our catalogue are only available in a limited number of specimens, whereas we produce up to a hundred plants where their ornamental value is well established. This means that our list will include some 1200 – 1500 species available and an annual production of nearly eighty thousand plants.

As curious, passionate collectors, we are constantly looking to supplement our collection. Seeds, cuttings and plants are exchanged or bought from other nursery colleagues, gardeners, conservatories or seed hunters.

The genera we love the most are part of the botanical collection we have at the nursery: Aster, Artemisia, Chrysanthemum, Crocus, Cyclamen, Hepatica, Miscanthus, Narcissus, Origanum, Panicum, Saxifrage, Sedum, Thymus.

Our job as nurserymen is to maintain our botanical collection so that you are sure to find that the plant you want is available.

Every year, more than a hundred new plants are added to our list of perennials.

The gardener is thirsty for novelties! Depending on our technical results, ornamental interest or botanical appeal, each year we strive to publish nearly a hundred new entries in our list of perennials. To find out about the latest additions to our catalogue, please browse to the New Plants page!

The right plant in the right place.

To select the plants according to your needs, we invite you to browse the different thematic sections of our online catalogue and use our advanced search engine to refine your choice according to your own criteria (colour, flowering period, exposure, uses etc.).

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