Rockery perennials

Rockery perennials particularly appreciate properly drained soil and can be used to make some stunning compositions.

Gardeners have to reproduce their natural habitat as these plants often come from mountainous environments with no trees and they grow in crevasses or on scree.

Jardin de rocaille

They can be given pride of place in troughs, pots, dry stone walls or gravel beds (Gravel Garden).

You need to pay particular attention to the substrate. Making a rockery is more complicated than just putting down some rocks and stones!

The texture of the soil will determine whether a proper rockery garden can flourish.

First and foremost, the collar of rockery perennials must be kept dry.

Secondly, the growing substrate must be sufficiently aerated so that the roots can breathe.

In addition to the information in our catalogue, please refer to our article about Gravel Gardens.

Finding the right perennial plant rockery

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