Ground cover perennials

Vinca minor

Here you will find our range of carpet plants much appreciated by gardeners

Unlike organic or mineral mulches, ground cover perennials are living beings.

This is worth remembering as the plants change from one season to next, from flowering to autumn colour as they grow and spread.

Although the main purpose of ground cover perennials is to form a carpet, they also hinder weed growth.

And they create a mass effect which is useful for landscaping. Ground cover perennials can be planted along the edge of a path, give contrast to a wall, cover a raised bank, fill in a dip or decorate the base of a shrub.

Ground cover plants are available for all types of situation, from full sun to part shade, or from dry soil to the moist earth of a bank.

Your soil type and the exposure of your bed will determine your choice of plants. The basic rule of thumb is to limit the number of ground cover varieties to avoid cluttering. Choose plants with small leaves to cover small areas (paving) and be very careful about which varieties you plant together. You may choose to plant three slow-growing ground cover perennials together or one faster growing variety on its own.

These plants do require some maintenance. It's important to weed thoroughly before planting. To encourage the plants to spread don't forget to dig over the soil regularly, add mulch and organic fertiliser in the spring and to prune and tidy them.

Happily, most ground cover plants are easy to grow and sometimes even too much so!!

To help you in your choices we have arranged them according to five criteria:

1. Ground cover perennials for full sun,

2. Ground cover perennials for shade or partial shade,

3. Ground cover perennials for poor, dry soil,

4. Ground cover perennials for good garden soil,

5. Ground cover perennials for a Japanese garden.

The right plant in the right place.

To select the plants according to your needs, we invite you to browse the different thematic sections of our online catalogue and use our advanced search engine to refine your choice according to your own criteria (colour, flowering period, exposure, uses etc.).

Illustration:Vinca minor Grandes Heures Anne de Bretagne - L. -Bourdichon, J., 1505-1508

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