Garden inspiration: green

Inspiration jardin, le vert

« The dominant colour in the garden is green »

A mixture of yellow and blue, green is a refreshing colour, the symbol of hope, of the plant world and its rebirth each spring.

Green is The Colour in the garden, so we can use if for landscaping combinations:

  • monochromatic mixture of green,
  • a mixture of analogous colours: green and blue, green and yellow,
  • a mixture, for more adventurous gardeners, of green and its complementary colour, red!
  • a triadic mixture of colours: violet, green and orange.

At the Clos d'Armoise nursery the combination we love and tend to choose is the acidulous marriage of green and chartreuse yellow with a hint of violet as a finishing touch!

The plants presented in our plant list all have the same growing requirements: subdued light and good garden soil that is not too dry in summer.

They can be combined with each other, as you please, whether in pots or as bedding plants.

Combinaison : Heuchera 'Citronelle', Carex trifida 'Rekohu Sunrise', Primula 'Corporal Baxter'

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