Full sun perennials

We have included in this category the perennials that like full sun and which thrive in ordinary soil.

Full sun perennials enjoy direct exposure to the sun for at least six hours a day.

They prefer to be in the sun in the middle of the day when it's at its highest point and there are no shadows.

"Ordinary soil is moderately fertile and can be dry in the summer. We recommend regularly working the soil and improving its fertility by mulching, adding organic matter and lime if necessary."

A bed of perennials in the sun

If hoeing once is worth watering twice, then mulching is worth more than all the hoeing! Crushed garden waste, enriched with composted organic household scraps, makes excellent mulch. Furthermore, the perennials we have chosen for our full sun ordinary soil selection do not need much - or very little - watering in the summer.

The Aster - perennials full sun

Aster novae-angliae L. var. hort.
Revue horticole (1914)

Choose your sun-loving perennials according to their height

A traditional rule is to place low-growing plants in the foreground, medium-height plants in the middle and taller plants at the back of the flowerbed. You can override this rule by creating gaps and contrasts in volume!

  1. Sun-loving perennials - low-growing
  2. Sun-loving perennials – medium-height
  3. Sun-loving perennials - tall

Refine your search for sun-loving perennials

If your soil is rather dry and poor, please browse our section on water-retaining plants: Perennials for dry, poor soil.

Conversely, if you are lucky enough to have good garden soil, which remains sufficiently moist in summer, please consult our perennials for good garden soil section.

If you wish to refine your search according to your own criteria (colour, flowering period, exposure, usage, etc.), please use our advanced search engine: The right plant in the right place.

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