Perennials for good garden soil

Everything grows in it!

« This is often loamy and clayey soil. A good loam has a balanced mixture of particles, has neutral pH, is well-drained, fertile and has good water retention capacity. »

Our selected perennials for good garden soil will allow you to create a real cottage garden. Imaginative planting, exuberance and abundant flowering. The mixed border of your dreams.

You can take advantage of the shade cast by other plants to add in small partial shade plants. Ajuga, Primula, Pulmonaria, Brunnera, etc. will brighten the borders of your bed with their superb foliage and their delicate, lively spring blooms. When planting, simply increase the amount of peat or compost to help keep the soil moist during temporary summer droughts.

Full sun and ordinary soil perennials and even perennials for dry, poor soil also have their place in your perennial bed! Sedum, Scabious, Verbena and Salvia are essential plants that every garden should have. When planting, simply increase the proportion of drainage elements (coarse sand, 2-5 mm filter sand) and take care not to water them.

The right plant in the right place. Please use our advanced search engine to refine your search (height, colour, flowering period, exposure, use, etc.)

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